I have embarked on a new journey! I have created a Patreon account which will enable me to create the orthodontic lab school that I have always wanted to! What is Patreon? Patreon is a way to join your favorite creator's community and pay them for making the stuff you love. […]

Patreon Announcement

We ortho lab techs need to have a little fun sometimes. I made this to celebrate my youtube channel reaching 10,000+ subscribers!!! Thank you to all who have been a part of this channel and this website! Interested in learning more? Would you like to support my future videos? Would […]

Ortho Lab Techs Be Like: Pulp Fiction

You might be like me. You have a model come in and the tooth is so big you do not have any preformed bands that fit it. you don't have blank band material you don't have a tack or spot welder You don't have a laser welder you don't have […]

How To: Make Custom Band for a Large Tooth (Short ...

This video is the Patreon/ Paid Subscriber version, It is the extended version it includes not only the custom band how to, but includes: the wire bending of the lingual arch Soldering Trimming of the appliance Hello all, For those that saw my attempt a live stream while commenting (Voice […]

(Paid Subscriber) How to: Make a custom band to fit ...

Join me as I record the voice over to my next video how to make custom bands when you only have preformed bands to work with and no spot welder :)I want to make sure and answer any questions you may have so that it can be included in the […]

Paid Subscribers: Live streaming of my voice over of how ...

Bes Qual S600 Instrument Warmer My (quick) Product Review of the Instrument Warmer that I use. These have completely replaced the propane tanks and Bunsen burners in my lab!   http://www.metadental.com/fire-free-burner.html   "No more Alcohol or Gas Burners. Portable and easy to operate. And can use immediately out of the […]

Product Review: Fire Free Burner – Bes Qual S600 Instrument ...

As this site moves toward the future digital currency will be a big part of it.  I have set up a means for you guys and gals that have bitcoin to pay for your subscription to this site. Due to the fact that there are currently not monthly subscription options […]

Bitcoin now accepted on this site!

This is the exclusive video created by Jesse Inman son of Don Inman just for the 2017 DLAT southwest Conference. Tired of soldering ortho appliances on 3D printed resins and getting poor results? Learn how to turn a scan into an impression that you may use to pour in your […]

Exclusive video: The 3D Printed Impression

Today is a short review of the product I use to safely remove wires out of acrylic retainers for repair. You will need to use something like this if you have damaged acrylic but the wires are still in good condition where you can use them. What I used is […]

How To: Safely and quickly remove wires from a retainer

Bio Michael has been in the orthodontic lab business for 18 years. As a 2nd generation lab owner he recognizes the transition from the traditional plaster submissions to the full digital workflow.  In 2008 he built the Easyrx system to address the needs of laboratories facing this change.  He currently is […]

The Digital Transition (Webinar)

Hello, Patrons! Just wanted to connect with each of you and let you know what was going on in my life. As you may or may not know I am serving my second term as President of the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas (DLAT). 2016 Was my first year and […]

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth!

Here are 10 tips I have discovered over that past couple of years working at this new lab that have really increase my wire-bending speed. These are a few of those tips that I think are easy to implement in your daily routine. Big Thanks to special guest Steve Szara […]

10 Tips for faster more productive wire-bending

10 Tips for Faster Wirebending   Excel Version: Time Tracker Wirebending PDF Version: Time Tracker Wirebending - Sheet1-2 Web link: Time Tracker Time Tracker Sheet:   Interested in learning more? Would you like to support my future videos? Would you like to be a part of the building of an […]

Paid Subscriber: 10 tips for wire-bending + extras

Come join me in a live google hangout! This is for Paid subscribers only. This is your chance to talk to me face to face! Ask me any questions regarding Ortho Lab and I will try to answer it. Come back to this post and you should be able to […]

Paid Subscriber: December Hangout

Here is a video of the start of my ortho lab / studio that is in my house. This is where I will shoot future training videos. This will be the start of a series of videos that will cover the instalation of things like cabnets, sinks, plaster traps and […]

Preview of the lab/studio I’m building in my house

I finally made this video to answer all your questions about "What is that purple stuff you put on your model?" All credit goes to the Owner of Ortho Works Lab, Inc. for showing me the versatility of using this material to tack our wires to the models. We mainly […]

Review: How to use “Zapit” in your ortho lab

I had a question on my Youtube video about the composition of flux. Since I can't attach a PDF into a comment on YouTube. I decided to put it in a post on my site so I can post the link. It has an interesting composition: Here you go if […]

Silver Solder Flux SDS

Someone asked on the Association of Ortho Labs Facebook group what are alternatives to plaster stone nippers. I shot a quick video of what I use: I use a set of hand held hedge trimmers. They are Fiskars Puner Shears. They work a little differently than nippers. They "shave" the […]

What I use to trim my models

Paid Subscribers: Solder a Wraparound to C's This is a followup video to the video on how to bend a Wraparound soldered to C's. I thought I would shoot a quick video on how to solder it after you bend it. Let me know if you have any questions... Thank […]

Paid Subscriber: Soldering Wraparound to C’s

This video covers the steps of the wire bending of a Soldered Wraparound Retainer to C Clasps. Step 1: Bend C Clasps Step 2: Bend Labial Bow Step 3: Bend Keeper Wires (Check out how to bend alternative keeper wires here: https://youtu.be/zTfb01qU-Mc ) Step 4: Solder the Appliance (Not shot […]

WrapAround Soldered to C’s (YouTube Version)

This video covers the steps of the wire bending of a Soldered Wraparound Retainer to C Clasps. Step 1: Bend C Clasps Step 2: Bend Labial Bow Step 3: Bend Keeper Wires (Check out how to bend alternative keeper wires here) Step 4: Solder the Appliance (Not shot in the […]

How to Bend: Wraparound Soldered to C’s (Extended Version)

Serrated Laboratory Plier (134L) Superior Three Prong Laboratory Plier (344) Superior Three Prong Laboratory Plier (344) Economy Serrated Wire Bending Laboratory Plier (134) Superior Hawley Loop Forming Laboratory Plier Superior Jarabak Laboratory Plier Superior DX134: SERRATED BIRD BEAK PLIERS DX3144: YOUNG PLIERS DX344T: STANDARD 3 PRONG - FINE TIPS Three […]

A Complete List of all the Piers I use

Hello out there! In case you have not been here in a while I have been updating all the Paid Subscriber videos. I noticed a week ago that most of the links were broken to the videos, my greatest apologies! I do not how that happened to the membership software […]

Updates are happening!

I was creating a campaign for the Dental Laboratory association of Texas when I came up it this idea. Most of the people didn't know what I was talking about, So I thought I would make a few for my ortho peeps. Hopefully you guys know the meme Im basing […]

Keep Calm And……

Band and Loops: One of the most common appliances an orthodontic lab makes. It is a very simple appliance, It is just a simple lop of wire soldered to a band but there are tons of ways to make them look. This video covers just the wire-bending portion of the […]

Premium members: Band and Loop(s)

In this video I show how to bend and solder the version of the wraparound retainer soldered to Adams clasps. I have uploaded privately to youtube so it can stream better for you paid members, Thank You for your support.

Premium Members: Soldered Wraparound to Adams

I received an email with this picture asking how its made. I thought I would share my response with this person with everyone on this blog. First off this picture is from Maggie Harris of Harris Orthodontic lab, you you want to see some amazing retainer designs visit her site: http://www.harrisorthodonticlaboratory.com/Store/custom-retainer-designs-2/ She […]

How is this retainer Made?

Here is the video of the acrylic portion of the long span flipper. Sorry for the roughness of the video, I didn't have time to clean it up and make it look nice. I decided to give you members the raw footage. comment below if you have any questions.

Long-Span Flipper Raw video for Members only

Have you gotten a request for a flipper with multiple teeth? For us ortho techs we usually work with single tooth flippers or hawleys with pontics added to them. We can usually attach the pontic with wax using the existing teeth on either side of the pontic. But what if you […]

Long – Span Flippers: How to set up

This is a special request from a doctor to help close those annoying gaps distal (and mesial) to the 3's. Great for extraction cases! Made by Jason Brown, CDT of Ortho Works Lab, Inc.

Full Arch Spring Retianer

Here is the rest of the video of me struggling with a new method of waxing in teeth. Sometimes it works beautifully sometimes not! It is nice to have a couple of ways to do these things in case the model wont allow one method. I do like the use […]

Waxing in Teeth (Diffrent Method) – Members only

I have come across a couple of different methods of cutting teeth out of models since my last video on this subject. I thought I would give you an update on how I do it now. This is not the be-all-end-all how to cut teeth out but just one way. […]

A Different Method for cutting out teeth on a Dental ...

Prep teeth for bands on model using round bur   This is just one way to prep the teeth on a plaster model to place bands on. I have found this method works best for me when the doctor pre-fits the bands on the patent, Removes the bands Takes an impression […]

Prepping teeth for bands

Well we have begun the idea for the hands on training portion that will complement this online training here on this site. Here are the humble beginnings...We have invited some people for a trial run while we work out structure and class details. If you are in the Dallas, TX […]

Ortho tech school beginnings

  Here is an example of you guys learning along with me... Jason, the owner of the lab I am now working at took the time to explain one of our wire benders how he bends a 3x3 spring clip (usually in 4 min!). I whipped out my phone and tried […]

The 4 Minute 3×3 Spring Clip / Gemini (explained in ...

Where have I been?   As some of you may know I have taken a new position in a new lab. I started working there on April 16th. Why the new job you ask? Im glad you asked.... Simple answer, Opportunity. Not financial opportunity ( well, maybe a little 🙂 […]

Where has Cade been?

I was asked a while back if I could show how we make a camo retainer. One finally came a round and I remembered to film it. This is just one of many ways to make a camo retainer. I don't call this actual "camouflage" because it doesn't look 100% […]

Camo Pattern Retainer (YouTube Version)

 In case you were not able to attend the meeting here in Dallas, here is what you missed out on: Orthodontic Panels Discussion ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 12 As Picture of me moderation the Panel Discussion with Don Inman and Priscilla Mier with a special webcast guest […]

Pictures from 2014 DLAT Conference

Im testing some new streaming services to hopefully get rid of the endless buffering you guys/gals are experiencing Below are some different versions of the some video let me know in the comment section below which one works best for your computer/media device. Thanks, Cade 1. Original Streaming service : […]

Hello Paid Subscribers- look in here, need your opinion!

  Hello all! For those that can't make it to the DLAT (Dental Laboratory Association of Texas) Conference this year (March 28-29th) I am going to attempt to live stream the whole 3 hours. Be sure and catch it if you can! It is Friday, March 28th 9am-12pm (central time […]

Live Webcast Orthodontic Forum at 2014 DLAT Conference

Hello guys! here is a test broadcast. Im trying something out for the DLAT conference im working on. here is the embed code: Here is the youtube page: http://youtu.be/jATmcHVg7lM   If you have a Gmail (and Google + profile) you can ask me questions here (if im still in live […]

Test Live Broadcast Live Wire! (Paid Subscribers)

Having fun Soldering/ Brazing a RPE in Slow Motion using the Slow motion app on my Galaxy Note3 Smart phone. Everyone should do this sometime, it really makes you look at your technique! I defiantly want to work on mine after seeing this! Too many burn spots I see! I […]

Soldering in Slow Motion

A video taking the time to show the process of trimming a denture pontic tooth down to fit an edintulous space. This won't take as long once you do a few of these I was just slowing down the process to explain a few things. I took my time and […]

Trimming a Pontic for an Orthodontic Flipper (Free version)

An icy day in Texas means some video editing time which means a new video for you guys! Sorry I took so long with this one it is kinda long at over 36 minutes. Plus I had a lot of editing due to the patients name. I explain it more […]

Trimming a Pontic for an Orthodontic Flipper

Come see me at the 2014 Dental Laboratory Association of Texas Spring Conference and Expo. I will be co-presenting a couple of classes and be an orthodontic forum host. March 28-30th 2014, Omni Mandalay Hotel, Las Colinas, Texas Come see Donal Inman of Inmanortho.com inmanaligner.com inmanpower.com give a presentation of how he […]

Come see me in Texas! Meet some of the ...

Sometimes a doctor will ask you to add a spring to an existing retainer. Here is one way to do it. Note: This method depends on the fact that the retainer fits the model very well. If the patient did not wear his/her retainer then you might have a model […]

Add a Spring to a Retainer

 ***This is the free edited version of the Retainer Repair Video to see the full unedited version you will need to be a paid subscriber 🙂 *** Here is a video of me repairing a retainer. This shows the simplest method. The other method involves stripping out all the wires out […]

Retainer Repair (Free Subscribers)

Here is a video of me repairing a retainer. This shows the simplest method. The other method involves stripping out all the wires out of the old acrylic and applying new acrylic. Here is an overview of the steps: You just need to open up the crack in the acrylic […]

Retainer Repair (Paid Subscribers)

OK, so I tried to film me trimming some study models , but I didn't like the footage I got to make an official video. So, i decided to go ahead and upload it here so that you paid subscribers can see it an maybe get something out of it. […]

Study Models: Trimming – Paid Subscribers

I thought this was a great question that I got in my inbox today. Since I havent really covered this question to much detail in my videos I thought Id share my answer here and other people can join the discusson fi they have any more questions. Here is the […]

Adams Clasps Prep Question and Labial bow Wirebending question

With the video I made of the Wraparound retainer I got a few questions. Since the video I took was taken with my GoPro camera, everything looks far away. I gives a good overall picture of the whole process (The general idea for that video) but you miss some of the […]

Wraparound Retainer: More Details (videos) – Paid Subscribers

This video covers an overview of the wire-bending component of the construction of a wraparound retainer. This video does not cover the acrylic component of the wraparound construction, but that is pretty basic like a regular retainer. (acrylic videos are listed below the Wraparound Video) Keeper wires or stabilization wires […]

Wraparound Retainer- Edited Version (Free Subscribers)

Here is a video of me bending a wraparound retainer. Also called a Wrap or Circumferential Hawley. This is just a general overview of how I bend this type of retainer, no close-up shots of the actual bending process. If any of you guys want to see a more detailed […]

Wraparound Retainer – Paid Members

Guess the Movie Soundtrack! So I had some fun with the GoPro camera when I first got it and  and recorded some video of me trimming the acrylic on some retainers. With the dust/water proof case that it comes in I was not afraid to try the camera up close […]

Paid Members Contest!

I got this question on the discussion section of my YouTube channel. About the Adams clasp.., I get the adaptation of the wire across the marginal ridge, and into the palate,., but the angulation of the bridge of my adams is almost always more the 45 degrees , and its […]

Adams Clasps Revisited (angle of the Adams bridge)

I am going to try and start this new series for The Ortho Wire Podcast, called "Live Wire!" This is where I am going to interview some of the movers and shakers of the orthodontic laboratory industry. Also, many of you lab owners and managers out there. I hope to […]

Live Wire! episode one

I call this a "bluegrass attachment." Kinda like a bluegrass appliance but smaller form so it can fit in a removable retainer. Some of my doctors call it "spinners" I got this idea (and the beads) from one if my doctors and used to make it exclusively for him, until […]

BlueGrass Attachment

I was asked through my you tube channel how I bend the ball clasps across the occlusion I thought I would share our discussion in case any out there would be interested: Hello there, I'm having a challenge getting my occlusal wire bends out of the way of the bite. […]

Ball Clasps Over Occlusion

Your eyes don't deceive you! I decided to update the theme for this site to one that gives me more options. Bear with me as I work through the changes.

Under Construction

Here is the free youtube version of my video showing the technique i use to finish soldered, fixed orthodontic appliances. Here are some links to the wheels I used in this video: Mizzy Heatless wheels Green Rubber Wheels Skinny Rubber Wheels (These rubber wheels where the closest I could find at […]

Finishing Metal Orthodontic Appliances -Free version

That's right, Frank is! Just kidding, I had fun making this. It has extra padding in the posterior for all those uppercuts! I started with 3mm green mouthguard material, I cut out the posterior and placed it back on the model The did another suck down over the model with […]

Guess who is ready for their MMA fight?

Hello guys and gals long time no post, It was the back to school rush for us, very,very,very busy! At one point we were 3 days behind! I never want to be there again. But here I am, Thanks to a nudge from one of you paid subscribers (Thanks Jaimi!) […]

Metal Finishing Orthodontic Appliances after soldering

THank YOu! Due to your faith and patience with me I was able to purchase a new camera! Here ia a raw video of me trying out the camera. I got a GoPro Hero3 White edition. The cool thing is, is that it is so small you can mount it […]

Thank You Paid Subscribers! Soldered C-Clasps Demo

Here is the edited version of the previously posted videos about the clear aligner. This video shows the steps involved in making an invisible orthodontic retainer(Essix type) designed to move teeth using a series of 3 trays (invisible retainers) The steps involved include: Designing case to see how many trays […]

Clear Aligner- YouTube video

Here is an interesting view I saw while trimming this retainer. You can see the line between the two colors I used for this retainer. One way I try to save money, use just enough colored acrylic to cover the wires then switch to the cheaper clear acrylic to fill […]

Save a little money?

I was asked to post a video of how I make a clear aligner, or as I like to say and essix with resets. This is not Invisalign®, this is the old school way of cutting out teeth and waxing them in straight and doing a clear thermoform over it. […]

Clear Aligner ( Essix with resets) – Parts 1&2 – ...

Here are some pictures from the 2013 Dental Laboratory Association of Texas Conference and Expo. These are mainly from 2 of the 4 ortho classes that were provided.

Pictures: 2013 DLAT Conference and Expo

Sorry everybody for the non-existent updates lately. It has been kinda crazy around here lately. First, was the DLAT lab conference here in Dallas, of which I will post pictures soon, it was very fun and exhausting! Second, we are moving our lab tomorrow and for the past week have […]


For those of you who have asked which company I get my acrylics from it is from JBC and Company. When I asked Pricilla if I could post her Catalog to my site so that others can download it an look up some of the things I use easier she […]

The Fundamentals of Acrylic by Pricilla Mier of JBC

  I have been asked how to tighten the retainers after you are done making them. This is a very important Quality Control (QC) step! Be sure and check with your doctor how tight he/she wants the retainer on the model. I shot this video real quick using my new, […]

QC’ing a Retainer

This video covers the removing to the plastic tab part on the expansion screw of the lower CDT exam model. To get to the point that where I actually remove the plastic tab from the acrylic-embedded screw I had to to well...embed it in acrylic. So I included most of […]

CDT Exam Removing Tab from Expansion Screw (Updated)

If anyone is in the Texas (or surrounding states area) come to Dallas to see me at the DLAT Conference and expo on April 11-14, 2013. We are going to have dedicated classes for orthodontics, yes I said that right! DEDICATED classes for orthodontic labs! The President of the DLAT […]

DLAT Spring Conference and Expo (April 11-14, 2013)

This video covers bending of the C clasps on model A of the CDT exam. The first part of the video shows a close up of the bending process on the first molar on the patients left side. I tried to zoom in  to the details the best that I […]

CDT Exam C Clasps on Model ‘A’

Hello Paid Subscriber! Here are pictures of the models I used for the CDT exam as you can see I made multiple duplicates and practiced a lot!  start making videos covering the making of these appliances. If anyone has the prescriptions for these for the exam email them to me […]

CDT Exam Models

I was looking back at my earlier videos I made and saw the zebra one. I noticed first it looked more Tiger than zebra, and it was all pictures, no videos (this was pre-iphone era!) plus, half the pics were out of focus! See old video here So I decided […]

Zebra Pattern Retainer Acrylic Method – Updated

Ive been wanting to update the zebra retainer Youtube video. So I tried to sneak some video footage of my acrylic pro Ivan while he was doing a black and red zebra retainer. I caught him kinda of late, he already started, but I think you will get the idea. […]

Sneak Preview- Zebra Pattern Retainer Updated- Subscribers Only

For the Subscribers: Im trying to make this site special for you guys and gals, so I will try to publish these same youtube files but with out the ads and in the highest quality my server (and your bandwidth) can handle! Comment below if you would like to see something special. Here […]

Retainer Pumicing Ad free HD -Subscribers only

Here is a video of the Pumicing and polishing techniques I use on the retainers I make. Pumice Substitute: http://www.garreco.com/abrasives.html#resilience High Shine: http://jbcandcompany.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=251&cat=Polishing+Compounds I also get my pumice wheels from JBC: http://jbcandcompany.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=613  

Retainer Acrylic Pumicing and Polishing

A video I shot of the trimming process involved in the process of making a retainer. This is actually 2 videos of 2 different retainers, this first time I shot the video(with the blue retainer) I either lost some video or thought I pressed record when I didn't. Either way, […]

Retainer Acrylic Trimming

Most Ortho labs are set up already to be able to provide this service to general dentist doctors. You may not know how to do this yet, but maybe after this video it will give you an idea how to do this.  You will need is some cold-cure denture repair […]

Add a new service for your Dentist-clients

In case you guys behind the bench haven't heard, twitter has a new app, called Vine. (for those of you that don't know what twitter is, then...you need to get out from behind the bench more;) What Vine is, is a way to take and share 6-second videos, sounds weird, […]

Fun With Vine App!

I thought this was an interesting appliance. I talked to the doctor about this case and she originally wanted a wrap, but asked me to caller her about the case. The UR7 (Upper Right Second Molar) wasn't in all the way and didn't get all the way in the impression. […]


I just had to post this retainer! Sometimes when u read the script I think " this color combination is gonna look terrible, I should warn the kid!" And usually I'm right, but this time I was pleasantly wrong. They asked for Luminary Pink, Turquoise and Royal Blaze Yellow. I […]

Interesting Tye Die Colors

I was asked through youtube if I had a better way of setting an expansion screw so that it stays in place while you pour acrylic. So, I shot a quick video of how I do it. Basically, I use the part of the plastic tab that protrudes from the […]

Setting Expansion Screw for a Retainer (or Schwartz)

** I updated the video sorry it was in the wrong format for streaming 🙁 You can thank one of your fellow paid subscribers for pointing that out, you guys be sure and let me know when y'all are running into problems with my site! I want you techs to […]

Prepping tooth for band – extras

Here is a video I made of a pedo partial from some pictures and videos I took. This is kind of a lengthy process, and I don't have enough room on my iPhone to take video the whole time and then just edit it down. So, instead I set my […]

Pedo Partial

This was interesting. A Hawley with soldered Adams clasps I the place of the usual soldered 'C' clasps

Hawley w/ Soldered Adams

I got an interesting request from a Dentist, she wanted a Pendulum with removable activation arms. On top of that, she wanted 4 of them! We discussed the case a bit over the phone and she said she will send along some information with the case. When I got the […]

M-Pendulum (Modified Pendulum)

I have been asked many times what I use for the names I put in the retainers. First, off the reason I do this is because it is state law here in Texas that some form of ID needs to poe placed in any removable device that has enough acrylic […]

How to make names for retainers

How to bend sweeper springs and wax them into place on a retainer These are used to help close diastemas (gaps between the teeth). Also I try my best to explain how they work.

Sweeper Springs

Here is a very basic overview of how to bend Ball Clasps. I go over the difference between premium and economy clasps and why I like the Premium better. The video just shows an overview I do not get into the details and differences of the different types of bends, […]

Basic Ball Clasps

Well, here is the first of hopefully many special post for the members only area. I am going to put this first for the free subscribers, and once I figure out what the special content the paid members will receive, this will remain free. This is the uncut recording of […]

‘C’ Clasps – left side: Uncut for members only

Here is a quick video showing how I bend the 'C' Clasps. Nothing special, these are pretty basic to do. I use .036 Wire for my 'C' Clasp and a large serrated beak lab plier. I have more videos of me bending the other side I will put that in […]

‘C’ Clasps